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Everyone who knows Catherine has a story about a crazy escapade she got you mixed up in – and some of you even have pictures! We want to compile as many as these as possible into some kind of book, so please use this page to upload pictures and tell us your story. You can upload as many files as you want, so don’t hold back!

In time, these stories and photos will be collected and made into a book for Catherine’s family, so please don’t be shy – all our different memories will combine to create a story of Catherine, so that as Tolamo grows up he can know all about his mother’s secrets, the wonderful person she was and all the amazing things that she did.

You can see the photos people have shared here

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15 thoughts on “Share Your Stories & Photos

  1. I met Catherine a number of times through her friends Kirsten and Niroshee.

    She was a wonderful person to spend time with. I remember her as being interesting, bright, funny, kind and energetic, her buoyant presence lifting any occasion.

    It’s terribly sad to hear she has been taken so early. My thoughts are with Tolamo, Lesejo and the rest of her family. I hope Tolamo can draw from his mother’s remarkable strength as he grows and lives life to the same full extent as she did.

  2. I met Catherine through my cousin Tshepiso Maroleng some years back in Pretoria, South Africa.’Till today I still remember her smile a bubbly face.She was warm hearted and with a very great sense of humour. May your beautiful soul rest in iternal peace Catherine ‘Till we meet again in Jesus’s feet.Lesego,Tolamo and cathy’s parents this too shall pass time is the greatest healer.

    Tumelo Malindzisa
    Pretoria,South Africa

  3. I knew Catherine as a fellow doctor and only had the pleasure of meeting her a few times. What I will never ever forget is her positivity which was infectious, and her ability to find humour even in the most challenging and difficult of times. Each time I came across her, she had the biggest smile on her face . She was truly inspiring and so highly thought of, both by her patients and her colleagues. I feel fortunate to have known her although too briefly.
    My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends and especially her son and husband who have lost a wonderful mother and wife. May she rest in peace.

  4. Cheerful, nice and friendly, helpful, very smart, exceptional, full of life, always exploring … That´s how I remember Catherine. I spent only a little time with her but it was worth it. Thank you for having us stay in your parent´s house and showing us around Manchester in September 1995, dear Catherine. We had a lovely and unforgettable time. Rest in peace now. With sympathy to all your family. Olga, Mirek and Alena from the Czech Republic

  5. I have such a clear memory of meeting Catherine on our first day at Bolton School. We were seated alphabetically, she was in front, and I remember her saying ” if they do this, we”ll be stuck like this forever. SEVEN YEARS!!!! ” I laughed because she made me comfortable, and she pretty much continued to do that for years. She was wry and funny- she didn’t aspire to be trendy, yet she was really well liked. In a girls’ school, this is no mean feat. We lost touch, but fast forward ten years, and I found myself in hospital with a minor collapsed lung thing. I was pregnant and worried, and who should appear at my bedside? What a pleasure, and what a manner. It was the same relaxed, easy look she gave me aged 11, and the same reassuring jokes. Fast forward again to a reunion where she told told me a tale involving a block of Salford high rise flats with a strange nickname. The nickname was related to her work in sexual health I think, and it was all a little rude- so I’ll leave it out here. But I drive past that block of grey miserable flats every day, and every day I think of Catherine. A weird legacy perhaps, but it makes me smile. I wish you all the very best Tolamo – but really, I know I don’t need to. You are cherished. Your mum spoke so proudly of you whenever I saw her. You’ll grow up being her and your dad’s greatest success story. Xxxx

  6. I worked with Catherine in Salford. When she first started with us and didn’t have a car, I often gave her a lift home because we both lived in Levenshulme. Having already sussed out that she was a fantastic doctor, it was these journeys home that cemented my opinion that she was an absolute star. She frequently sent me on ‘short cuts’ which inevitably took twice as long. I never minded though- it gave me more time to listen to her stories about her family and South Africa and her student years- she had plenty of them!

    Catherine had a boundless enthusiasm in work and a way of presenting her thoughts and ideas that just carried you along with her. She was so, so good with patients, making them feel listened to and cared for and for the time they were sat in front of her, the most important person in the world. The last message I sent her was to pass on love and best wishes from a patient. He said that Catherine changed his life and he’d never forget what she’d done for him.

    This says it all really- what a massive impact she had. Very much loved and missed.

  7. Caring



    All of the above and so much more! Xxxx

  8. The first time I met Catherine we were both heavily pregnant with our sons and I knew we would get on! We only met up occasionally but each time we had a proper laugh-even during some difficult times. I look after some of her patients now and she would be proud to hear how highly they think of her as a Doctor and a person. She was fun, funny, kind and above all great to spend time with-I will miss that but feel lucky to have known her.

  9. Catherine simply stands out for me as one of the exceptional people from her time (and mine) at Magdalen. She was so full of life and fun and kindness and generosity. And of course her very unpious commitment to justice and her faith were an inspiration. What an extraordinary and wonderful life. How unbelievably cruel that it has been cut so short and yet how well she lived it. Rest in peace Catherine. Fr Jonathan Sedgwick

  10. I met Catherine in 1995 or 1996 in a place called Pampierstadt in Northwest in South Africa at Anglican Church mission house.
    She used to tutor me mathematics and Physical science.Our relationship grew from tutor-scholar to become friends.
    Her smile and sense of humor is what I loved most about Catherine.

    We spend a lot of time together in the kitchen preparing casseroles,eating out and drinking out.”every cup of tea I drink without sugar will remind me of you and that will bring me close to you again my friend”

    Catherine was adventurous and enjoyed traveling Africa and its rural places,e.g,Bendel to visit the Tire family.To the Tire family she was like a daughter.

    My dear friend Cathy fondly called by the Tire girls will be missed forever.

    With sadness in my heart, I will forever cherish the time we spend together.Those memories will leave in my hearts always.

    To Malcolm,Peggy,as difficult as it is,may you be comforted.May God give you peace.
    Your Loss is also our Loss.

    To Lesego:my friend receive my deepest condolences.May you continue to find strength in the Lord.
    To Toloma:Aunty Tshepiso love you.

    Rest in Peace Dr Catherine Stewart Mongale”Cathy”Love you always.

    Tshepiso Maroleng

  11. I remember Catherine’s wonderful sense of humour. How L and C made us laugh! So much joy. Tolly you were very young and they were both so proud and loving towards you. Xx

  12. I knew Cahterine at Manchester University when we both did french and medicine (crazy! ) with a small equally crazy group. I always remember her as being wise beyond her years but at the same time so funny. We had many laughs in french class as she tickled my irish sense of humour. I did not keep in touch in recent years or know of her battle. May she rest in peace. Love to her family
    Dr Suzy Moore

  13. I worked in the clinic where Dr Stewart used to wrk …..she had a lovely smile every time i saw her some of the stories she used to tell had us laughing ….such a lovely lady who will b missed by all …pain free and at peace ……xx

  14. It was about evening time, just as the sun had set, the year must have been 2006 or 2007. An unfamiliar car had parked just outside my house and out walked a white bubbly young woman and my cousin Lesego. So I though to myself “ what is Lesego doing with this white talkative girl? “

    That is the day I met Catherine or Katrina as Lesego would call her, I learnt that she is the one who had stolen my brother’s heart, she was talkative and engaging and actually very funny. I was impressed by her persona, a kind of person that had life and was really warm and for lack of a better phrase actually quite fresh. She was not the kind of person you meet and forget – she lingers in your memory and leaves a lasting impression.

    Naturally it was also a happy occasion when we welcomed her as our “ngwetsi” (daughter in law), all the way from far away lands Lesego had brought us a daughter who would carry the family name and bear us children. She was perhaps the most excited and happy I have ever seen her, she was at home amongst her in laws and the people of Taung and I can imagine her appreciation of humanity and diversity made her as comfortable in Taung as she would be in her native land, a rare trait that speak to the quality of a person, this forces me to conclude that “Katrina” was indeed Quality.

    However brief or long it might have been, I believe she lived and loved, she would tell of her time in Kazakhstan in a way that showed her attitude towards humanity – sincere and stimulating. She would also relay the message to me through Lesego that I had opted to undergo voluntary caesarian section with the birth of my son because I was “too posh to push”, frank with a humorous twist.

    Family members tell me that she fought a good fight and was very ill, we take comfort that she is free from pain and resting in eternal peace, she no longer has the anxiety of waiting, worrying and suffering. She leaves behind a legacy in the form of Tolamo, the world shall know that once upon a time there was a woman named Catherine Steward who found love in Africa and married a Morolong wa Modiboa from the tip of the continent, they world shall know that once upon a time the Mongale’s had the honour and blessing of a daughter in the form of “Katrina” who bore us a child.

    Ngwetsi ya barolong ba modiboa, robala ka kagiso tiro ya gago o e weditse mo fatsheng leno.

    Refilwe Mongale
    South Africa

  15. I have never met Catherine but I knew of her from her husband, my friend Lesego. That she is a loving wife & mother to their child. I concluded that she is a brave woman to have travelled so far to find a husband. Lesego,Maten & the family, may God’s love comfort you as you all going to learn to live without her.

    Sincere Condolences,
    Siphokazi Matholengwe
    Cape Town

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